5 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses


Not too long ago, word of mouth and paid print advertising were the most effective ways to get your business name out there; but this is 2019. Small businesses can thrive online while utilizing easy to use software, many of which are completely free. With so many options out there, which ones should your business try?

5. Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

When it comes to promoting your name online, you can’t go wrong with any social media platform. Whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter to showcase your business, it’s best to make sure that you are on a channel where your customer are active. Engage with those customers by liking and responding to their comments as well.

4. Social Media Management - Buffer or Hootsuite

If you’re still manually submitting your business posts to each platform, you’re wasting precious time. Social media management tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite will change the way you post online by allowing you to schedule content across multiple channels at the same time. There are many social media management tools to choose from and it’s probably best to shop around for your business needs.

Here at Kowala Creative, Sendible is our tool of choice.

3. Graphic Design - Canva

For many businesses with a small team who not have a concrete background in design, Canva is your holy grail. With this service, you’re able to learn how to create stunning graphics and documents – from social media posts, cover photos and banner, to building resumes and more.

2. Email Marketing - Mailchimp

Businesses with an email list of under 2000 (as of 07/2019) should seriously consider utilizing Mailchimp. The free pricing tier is more than enough for a handful of companies to quickly get a message out to a segmented list of customers, and its easy to use campaign editor is a breeze if you’re not familiar with coding in HTML.

1. Website Performance - Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an absolute must have for any owner looking to scale their business. Once connected to your website, the software displays information about your site performance, including audience demographics, popular pages and keywords, actions taken, and much more.

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