How to Use Geotags to Increase Your Social Media Reach

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Every online account can benefit from the use of Geotags. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large Fortune 500 company, contract freelancer, or just a fan of sharing your pet’s crazy antics online; they are incredibly useful to reach those within your area.

What are Geotags?

Geotagging is incredibly straightforward. It’s the process of associating a physical location to digital content; that’s it. You might notice geotags on social media when your friends, family, or businesses you follow post from a specified location. This small detail can benefit businesses or anyone trying to reach a local audience.

Kowala Creative Syracuse NY

Why should I care?

If you’re interested in showing your post to those in your city or town, geotagging the image is a no-brainer. People nearby can search based on a specific city such as, “Syracuse, NY” or even a building like, “Syracuse Carrier Dome” and see recent or top posts for that location.

How do I do it?

Many apps have location sharing on by default, which can be overlooked by users, however some may choose to disable the setting, for example, social media managers who may be posting on behalf of accounts in different areas.

Many platforms allow for manual location entry when posting. This means your specific location and therefore your post, can be shown anywhere.

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